We have monthly presentations in the Legacy Room.  Typically they are

presented by an historical society, but we may have others as well.

These are free to the public and usually start at 1 pm.  Check the Newsletter for details.


Below are our special events sponsored by or held at

the Pennridge Community Center.

Check back often for dates and times, as this section is updated periodically.

 Holiday Cash Raffle

Our Holiday Cash Raffle will again be held in 2017, on Sunday, November 19.

We are changing to Sunday afternoon this year.  The time will be listed shortly.

Here is the general way the 2016 Raffle went:

Drawings were made every 5 minutes from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  Each winner won $100,

except the last drawing,which was for $500.

In ALL drawings ecept the 50/50 drawing, the winning ticket

was put back in the drum to be eligible to win again!

Tickets were $20 each, and only 250 were sold.

50/50 tickets were sold the night of the Raffle,

and the winner was announced as the very last drawing.

Food was available, which included  hoagies, hot dogs, and more -- and it is a BYOB event!

Note that this event for 2017 will be run the same.


Flea Market

Our Flea Market is open to MEMBERS only periodically, and we also

are open to the Community a few times a year.

Please check the Newsletter, this site, or inquire at the front desk for dates and times.


Lottery Calendars

Each February our fundraiser sells Lottery Calendars.

The Calendars for April, May, and June each have a daily dollar

amount you can win if your 3 digit number matches the PA Lottery PICK3 Day Drawing

3 digit winning number (NO Wild Ball option will be used). 

The amount you can win ranges from $25 to $100.

Calendars can be purchased at the Center or from any Advisory Board member.

GrubStake Sweepstakes

The GrubStake Sweepstakes is a raffle where the winners win a

gift certificate to local grocery stores and restaurants. 

This annual fundraiser runs from July to early October, with approximately

60 winners of local food-related gift certificates.

Tickets are sold at the Center, at various community events, and

by members of the Advisory Board.

Root Beer Float Days

Our famous Root Beer Floats and hot dogs are sold at Landis Market, Perkasie,

and the floats are also sold at the Pennridge Gallery of the Arts in September.

Watch for these dates in the Newsletter, or better yet,

stop in at the Center often and check with the receptionist.

Then, mark these dates on your calendar so you don't miss out! 

Monthly Dinner Dances

Monthly dinner dances are held on each month's third Friday night at the Center.

Dancers can enjoy a great buffet before dancing, or you can come just to dance.

Tickets are availble at the Center.

All dances are held on a Friday evening and are BYOB.

Details of each month's dance and band are also listed in

our Newsletter, which you can find at the Center or in this website

(click here to go to the Newsletter tab).


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