Types of Rentals

Event Date: ____________________________              Times: From: ______________ To: ______________

*Your rental time should cover what is required for setup, decorating, and organizing your event, as well as the cleanup time required at the end of your event. We allow one hour before your rental and a half an hour after your rental. Anything beyond that you must include in your rental time.

Room Requested: Legacy Room/Dining Room/Kitchen excluding stoves & steam table $150.00_ Patio when renting Legacy Room/Dining Room/Kitchen is a flat fee of $50.00. Conference Room/Rooms $75.00__ Fee for just renting the Patio/Kitchen $100.00___Rental for Dining Room/Kitchen $100.00 __

Renter’s Name: _________________________________________________ Phone: ____________________

Organization (if applicable): _____________________________Email: __________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________

Event: ____________________________________________________________________________________

              # Of Guests Attending: ____________ (maximum is 170 for Legacy Room, 24 for Dining Room)

Cooking (by licensed caterer only): Yes ______   No ______

If yes, name and phone # of caterer: ___________________________Provide copy of catering license

Will liquor be served? Yes ______   No ______   If Yes, a Liquor Liability insurance rider MUST be provided.


Band? ______   DJ? ______   Name and phone #: _________________________________________________

Homeowner’s Insurance Company name and phone number: _______________________________________

Security Deposit: $350.00 Legacy Room:     Conference Room:   Computer Room:   Patio:     (Payable at time of reservation. Deposit will be returned within 10 business days after event if facilities are left in order and if rental time has not been exceeded.)

Rental Fee Legacy Room/Dining Room/Kitchen (turning on equipment in kitchen extra charge):

# Of hours: ___ x hourly rate ($150): $ ______   = Total: $ ______Patio w/Rental: $50.00___ flat fee

Patio Only: $100.00 per hour ___Bingo Machine Rental : $50.00 ___ Bingo Caller: $50.00 ___

Kitchen Fee: $250, if turning on any equipment by a licensed caterer.

Total Rental Fee: Rental Fee + Kitchen Fee: __________ (due 30 days prior to the event)

Overtime fee and excessive cleaning: (Will be charged at rate of $150.00 per hour if event goes beyond contracted times. If the Center is not left in the condition that it was when you came in, your Security Deposit will not be returned.) Please call in advance or email manager.pcsc@yahoo.com to schedule an appointment to see the venue.


Please make checks payable to “Pennridge Community Center.”


Our Conference room is approximately 18' x 23', includes a conference table and chairs, and can accommodate approximately 24 people. Rental fee is $75.00 per hour.

Our ballroom, the Legacy Room, is approximately 49' x 54' and can accommodate a maximum of 170 people.  The ballroom can be set up for auditorium seating, dining, dancing, or a combination of these uses.  Ballroom includes a large bamboo dance floor (approximately 22 1/2' X 30'), tables and chairs. There are 72" round banquet tables that seat eight to ten people each, as well as 6' rectangular and twelve 36" square tables available.  The dining room is mostly used to serve food.
Note: the Dining Room is included in the rental.  The Patio is open-air.


Deposits  A security deposit is payable at the time of reservation.  The deposit for the Legacy Room is $350,

          and for the conference room is $50.  The deposit is NOT considered part of the rental fee and

          will be returned within ten business days after your event if the facilities are left in order and

          if the agreed rental time has not been exceeded. Also, your deposit will not be returned if there is excessive cleaning to be done after your event. Absolutely no gum.

          Forfeit of Deposit: Payment of the entire rental fee is due no later than 15 days prior to the

          event date. 

Rental Fees

          Legacy Room is $150 per hour, including your set up and clean up time.(we allow 1 hour prior and 1/2 an hour after your event).

          The Dining Room is included in the rental of the Legacy Room
          Use of the kitchen is included, but only for incidental preparation.  
          Overtime fee will be charged if your rental goes past the time you specified in your Rental

              Agreement.  This fee will be deducted from your security deposit; if the amount due

              exceeds the amount of the deposit, the renter will pay the additional amount by check to

              the Building Attendant, prior to leaving the event. The deposit will not be returned if there is excessive cleaning to be done after your event. ABSOLUTELY NO GUM.

Other rooms are available to rent.

No food or drinks in the Lobby. All children must be supervised by an adult. TV not included.

Kitchen          Included with the ballroom rental:

               200 lb. ice machine

               triple stainless steel sink

               three stainless steel food preparation tables





Liquor          Alcohol may be served to adults only!

Under no circumstances may alcohol be

served to minors (under age 21).

          A responsible adult must ensure that only the invited guests are permitted entrance into the


          The Renter is considered the responsible adult and must be in attendance at the event at all


          The Renter must include a liquor liability insurance coverage; see information on Insurance in

               your contract. Certificate of Liaility is required with all rentals with Pennridge Community Center being added as a rider.


Contact         To see the facility, please visit during our regular hours, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, and ask for the

         Center Manager, Margaret Lewis.  You can also phone Margaret at the Center at 215-453-7027

         with your questions or to make other arrangements to see our facility. manager.pcsc@yahoo.com

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