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 Pennridge Community Center upcoming events:


Shredding Event

Pennridge Community Center had a Shredding Event on Friday, September 18th.  We had 140 cars come in to drop off their shredding, and the donations were very good.  We appreciate those who donated and we thank you for making this a success.


Bake-less Bake Sale

We are continuing our Bake-less Bake Sale Fundraiser for the next two months. Works this way, you give a monetary donation for what it would cost you to make a cake or buy a cake. Whatever you can give is needed and much appreciated. Thank You!


Send checks to:

Pennridge Community Center (name on check to)

146 East Main Street

Perkasie, Pa. 18944


Holiday Cash Raffle

Tickets are now available for our 5th Annual Raffle.  Details are in the Newsletter, but just to mention the hilites -- tickets are $20 each, and there will be 18 drawings with the winners each receiving $100, and the last drawing will be for $500!  This virtual event will be held on Sunday, November 22nd.  Ticket holders will be notified of the time, so they can see the drawings live.

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The following statements are issued in regards to Covid-19 :

  • FOR INFORMATION FROM BUCKS COUNTY COVID-19 BEHAVIORAL HEALTH HELPLINE, PLEASE CLICK ON THIS PDF   -                                                                 BucksCountyBHHelpline.pdf
  • Note that the Pennridge Community Center is CLOSED until further notice.  All classes, workshops, events, and trips have been cancelled.
  • The Bucks County Senior Games for 2020 have been cancelled - i.e., there will be NO games this year.  The dates for the 2021 Senior Games are June 7 - June 14, 2021.
  • FUTURE  Events - Due to the Covid-19 issue, as stated above, all events at the Center have been cancelled.  When the restrictions are lifted and when the Center has again been cleaned/disinfected, we will resume all activities, classes and events.  Please be safe, and we miss you all! 
  • 2020 Produce Vouchers - Due to Covid-19, the Produce Vouchers will be mailed directly to your home.  Below are the links to the information page and the application form.  These are also in a new tab under the Home tab.  You can print these documents once you open them.
               2020 Produce Voucher Procedure.docx
               2020 SFMNP application 2 pages.doc

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For additional Events, click on the Events tab.

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BCARSC Website -

The Bucks County Association of Retired and Senior Citizens has a new website.  BCARSC is the association that manages four Centers within Bucks County.  This new website has it own information as well as access to the four Centers it manages:  Neshaminy Activity Center, Central Bucks Activity Center, Pennridge Community Center, and Upper Bucks Activity Center.  Click here to access this new site.


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Holiday Schedule


Tuesday, November 3, 2020 - Election Day

Thursday, November 26, 2020 - Thanksgiving

Friday, November 27, 2020 - Day after Thanksgiving

Friday, December 25, 2020 - Christmas


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Please check our Events tab for details on programs and events that typically go on each year.  As noted above, these will be cancelled as long as the Center is closed.

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Details of events are listed in our Newsletter,

or you can always stop in at the Center

and check in the lobby for details and times.

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Sign - Best


 Come inside and see our active members participating in activities

ranging from Line Dancing to Tai Chi, Chair Yoga,

Art Class, Billiards, Table Tennis, and more!  Members also play mahjongg,

bingo, and cards.  You may participate in frequent trips, monthly

dinner dances and make new friends over a nutritious lunch.

Our Calendar will provide more information about our lunch menus,

activities, classes, trips and special events.


Please view some of the information on the tabs at the top of the page,

browse our Calendar, and  read our latest Newsletters.

Above all, visit us  at  the Center, if possible, and take a tour,

sit in  on a class or activity, or join us for lunch.

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 Center Closures

The Center will be closed for National Holidays.

Please refer to your Newsletter or our online Calendar for specific information.


Also, the Center will be closed due to inclement weather coinciding with the closing of

the Pennridge area schools (#757 on some radio stations).  If you are unsure of the

closure, WNPV (1440 AM) and WFMZ-TV69 (Allentown) will announce the school closing

by name, as does www.6ABC.com (TV station).

NOTICE - If the school district opens late the Center will also open late, by the same

number of hours.  Also, if the school district closes early, the center will close

early, by the same number of hours.  If the weather is bad and if the Center is open,

use common sense if you decide to drive to the Center.

CBS3 carries school closings online ahttp://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/schools/.  


You may also call the Center at 215-453-7027 or 215-453-7028. 


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The Pennridge Community Center serves citizens ages 55 and older who reside in the boroughs of Dublin, Perkasie, Sellersville, Silverdale, and Telford (part) and the townships of Bedminster, East Rockhill, Hilltown, and West Rockhill Some members live outside this geographical area, and some maintain memberships at more than one Center.  All are welcome here.  The public is also welcome to join our classes, activities, special events, and trips, sometimes with an adjusted fee for non-members.


All speakers, products, services or advertisements which are presented as part of the Pennridge Community Center activities or in this web site and our newsletters, are not necessarily endorsed in any way by this Center; nor are the opinions of speakers necessarily the opinions of this Center, nor are the representations and information presented tested or reviewed for accuracy or reliability by the Center.



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