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Welcome to the Pennridge Community Center!


Our 'famous' Lottery Calendars ARE ON SALE NOW!

  Each calendar has a number assigned between 000 and 999.

Each day the PA Lottery Mid-Day 3-digit number will be used to

pick our winner.  The winner will take home either $25, $50, $100,

or even $150, depending on the day, as specified on your Calendar.

The Calendars will be valid for the months of April, May, and June of 2016. 

The cost of the Calendars are one for $10 or three for $25.

Calendars will be on sale at the Center, so stop in and buy, buy, buy!!

The more you buy, the chances you'll win are better!

Thank You!

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Special Event!

See our "Events" page for information on a special benefit for the Cardiac Center of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to be held at our Center.

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Come inside and see our active members participating in activities ranging from

aerobics and line dancing to Tai Chi, ceramics and billiards.  Members also play

chess, mahjong, bingo, and cards.  You may participate in frequent trips, monthly dinner dances and make new friends over a nutritious lunch.  Our Calendar

will provide more information about our lunch menus, activities, classes,

trips and special events.


Please view some of the information on the tabs at the top of the page, browse our Calendar, and  read our latest Newsletters.  Above all, visit us  at  the Center, if possible, and take a tour, sit in  on a class or activity, or join us for lunch.

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Comfortable with Computers?


Through a 2014 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, the Center had offered ten workshops which were geared to help you to become more comfortable with computers and iPads. Workshops taught by Ted Heimbach and Dale Roades provided activities to improve your skills with the basic programs as well as special software. The workshops held this past Spring and Fall were very successful in improving participants’ skills and confidence.


As a continuation, the Center will offer eight workshops in the Spring of 2016.      

The classes to be offered are:


           PC Basics                                     Microsoft Word

           Photoshop                                    Microsoft Excel

           Print Shop                                     Microsoft Publisher

           Introduction to iPad                     Internet Basics

           Windows 10

The workshops are typically held over three days, 2 hours each day.  There may be evening workshops dependent upon demand  Class size is limited to 8 students. The cost per Workshop is $75 per person, $65 if you are over 55 years, or $55 if you are a Center member.

More detailed information will be available in February/March 2016, for the classes in April & May.


We want to continue this effort, so please consider participating in future workshops to become more comfortable with the software your grandchildren use daily!

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Center Closures

The Center will be closed for National Holidays.

Please refer to your Newsletter or our online Calendar for specific information.


Also, the Center will be closed due to inclement weather coinciding with the closing of the Pennridge area schools (#757 on some radio stations).  If you are unsure of the closure,

WNPV (1440 AM) and WFMZ-TV69 (Allentown) will announce the school closing by name.

If the school district opens late the Center will be open, but use common sense.

CBS3 carries school closings online a  


You may also call the Center at 215-453-7027 or 215-453-7028. 


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The Pennridge Community Center serves citizens ages 55 and older who reside in the boroughs of Dublin, Perkasie, Sellersville, Silverdale, and Telford and the townships of Bedminster, East Rockhill, Hilltown, and West Rockhill Some members live outside this geographical area, and some maintain memberships at more than one Center.  All are welcome here.  The public is also welcome to join our classes, activities, special events, and trips, sometimes with an adjusted fee for non-members.





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