Management & Boards


Our Center prides itself on our management and leadership.

Listed below are just a few of the folks who make our Center the great Center that it is.

                     Manager                   Assistant Manager
              Debbie Scollon                                 Peggy Lewis

 Executive Board

Buster Guth, President

Ted Heimbach, 1st Vice President
Paul Burns, 2nd Vice President
Sandy Nyman, Treasurer
Dale Roades , Secretary
Elaine Frank, Member-at-Large

Jo Ann Reckner, Member-at-Large


Advisory Board

                                                                          David Nyman, President

                                                                 Dawn Baum                      Lowell Musselman

                                                                 Paul Clymer                      Elizabeth Schirmer

                                                                Patrick Frank                     Deborah Scollon

                                                              John Greer, III                       Carol Shultz

                                                                  Buster Guth                     Patricia Siwart

                                                                Patricia Guth                     James Steeley

                                                             Ted Heimbach                      Joel Steinman

                                                              Alice Kachline                     Ray Weidner

                                                                Peggy Lewis                     Frank Wenger

                                                                   John Much                     R. Louisa Wismer

                                                            Kristen Murphy                   

Advisory Board Emiritus Members

Herman Slozer

Dean Souder


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