A Message From Your President

January / February 2019

Hi! I hope your holiday season was enjoyable and relaxing with family and friends.

The Center is doing great - have you been here lately? Last year we had over 120 new members. We appreciate all who did renew, and especially those new members. There is a small article in past Newsletters about renewing, and we will continue to have an article, but it will be more prominent from now on and hopefully, it will catch everyone’s eye to encourage more sign ups. And this is just one way to ensure renewals continue. Now I need your help. Talk to your friends and neighbors to tell them about the Center, what you do at the Center, and how important it is to have members that come into the Center, regardless of which activities they participate in. You can sit and talk with others in the Dining Room, or the Library if no one is reading. Take a look in our rooms to check out the activities. Go down to the Thrift Shop and pick up bargains with some friends. Welcome everyone you see!

As far as fundraising goes, the Holiday Cash Raffle in November was another success. For the first time we had three folks who each won twice on their same ticket! And the 50/50 total was substantially more than last year. How else can we raise money for the Center that we haven't tried yet? Bring those ideas to the monthly Ways & Means Committee or talk to me or to Carol Shultz, who chairs the committee.

Overall, this year was great! And again, our wonderful volunteers contributed in many, many ways!

As some of you have noticed in the Center, we had big changes compliments of the State Grant from 2017 through 2018, including the stair glide to the basement, the new flooring both upstairs and downstairs, the new lobby furniture, and the display case in the entryway; all thanks to the Guths for their work in writing and following through with the Grant. And we received a grant to change the lighting in the recessed lights to LED lighting, which will provide better lighting and reduce our electric bill. This grant was from the LaMel Foundation.

Other changes include a renovated Library, and typical repairs and preventive maintenance to keep the Center running for your benefit. Thanks for coming to the Center, and remember to always log into Copilot - it IS very important.

Thank You!

                 - Ted Heimbach












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