A Message From Your President

November / December 2019

With Fall here and Winter on its heels, have you checked your home to see that your heater is operating efficiently, that your windows are down and locked, that your snow shovel is handy, and that you are prepared for everything else before winter arrives? Here at the Center we do the same for our members and non-members alike. Yes, we occasionally have issues to handle, but with a routine in place, we avoid as many problems as possible. We have made a few repairs here at the Center, to keep the Center safe and warm for everyone, so please enjoy the environment inside as the weather gets cold outside.

And again, there are changes at the Center that you’ll see, and some that may not even be visibly noticeable to you. Changes are always necessary to keep up with the times and adjust to the Center’s increasing population. If you have any thoughts or ideas for new and existing programs, presentations, games or just comments, please let any Executive Board member or Peggy know.

One new change at the Center will be this Newsletter. Beginning with the January / February Newsletter, you will see our first color edition! We are able to switch to this new format by using a new company. Yes, you will see a different Newsletter, but I believe you’ll be pleased overall. There may be a kink or two to work out with this first edition, so please be patient as we revise and revamp the Newsletter to best serve the community.

I know Copilot has been mentioned time and time again, and I’ll mention just two things once more: first - please continue to use Copilot as our funding takes Copilot into effect, and second - the winners of the first three Copilot contests were chosen at random. Check further in the Newsletter to see who won!

I’d also like say that we, the Executive Board, appreciate all who come to the Center, and those who volunteer are the essential crew who help keep this Center running smoothly. If we currently do not have a task for you to volunteer for at the moment, we will keep your name on a contact list for when something that interests you becomes available.

Stay tuned for the Holiday Cash Raffle on November 17, the Thanksgiving holidays, and our annual Holiday Banquet on December 12. Tickets for the Raffle ($20) and Banquet ($15) are available at the front desk.


Take care and be safe! Happy Holidays!


       - Ted Heimbach


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