A Message From Your President

July-August 2019

Great to see you all in the Center again!

It’s been a long time, but the building is restored and looks better than ever.  

This has been a very trying time for all of us. Although much of the building is ’new’, we welcome everyone back. With many sub-contractors in the building during those 3+ months, there was a liability issue that prevented classes and activities from continuing. Yes, the Legacy Room was used during most of this time, but only to continue the AARP tax preparation and to bring in rental income to keep the building afloat, as well as a few of us working in the Dining Room.

Fast forward — by the time you read this issue, our Grand Re-Opening has passed. I hope you made it a point to be here to see many people you may have not seen in months, and to see all rooms that were restored. Our past few weeks that we were re-opened were very good for all of us, and we appreciate those who returned. In fact, since April, 29 new members joined! Hopefully we’ll have more new members each month!

Our programs should all be back on track in August. Lunches are back and the home delivered meals never stopped. Copilot is still here and needs to be used by everyone. And we made a few other small changes were made to have an even better Center. Did you see how our reception area is rearranged?   This makes it easier to deal with incoming members. Shortly we will have a Welcome Committee to not just welcome all members, but to also talk with prospective new members, to give them a tour, and to introduce them to management and others. We value all members, but we need to follow-up especially with new members, and to make them part of our family.

As you know, elections were held per our ByLaws. After the votes were in, those on the 2019-2020 Executive Board are: myself as President; Lowell Musselman as 1st Vice President; Carol Shultz as 2nd Vice President,; Sandy Nyman as Treasurer; and Carol Tyson as Secretary. I want to thank each member who voted. Your participation is always valued. Please continue to come out to the Membership Meetings to not only meet the Board, but to also find out what is happening in the Center, and to ask questions.

And don’t forget to support the Center through participation in classes and activities, trips, dances, volunteering and more! Thank you for returning, and I hope to see more new faces!


- Ted Heimbach











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