From Your President

July / August 2018

Hi everyone!   Summertime is here in full force! We’ve got hot and humid weather nearly every day now! Come on in to the Center to take a class, join in an activity, browse the Thrift shop, or enjoy a pre-registered lunch in the air conditioning. Make some new friends, sign up for a bus trip, or just stop by to see what’s new if you haven’t been here lately.                                

As your President, I am continuing to learn the responsibilities of the position, while trying my best to continue doing what I have been doing for years. Those items include managing Copilot, adding new members into our system, managing/writing/creating/editing every Newsletter, maintaining the website, and preparing/organizing the effort for the Holiday Cash Raffle in the fall. With everything on my plate I still try my absolute best to be visible and accessible to everyone at the Center as often as possible. Sometimes this is difficult, but in order to make time to be better accessible to everyone at the Center, I need to relinquish control over the Newsletter, no later than by the end 2018. If you or someone you know might be interested in learning how to prepare the Newsletter, please let me know! Relinquishing control of the Newsletter will afford me more time to mingle and hear what our fine community of people need and want at the Center. Trust me, I am always available even if I need to be in the Computer Room taking care of these tasks. My “door” is always open!                                                                                                                                                                          

I also work after hours almost every evening on the computer tasks. Other items I’ve handled that are not necessarily at the Center included attending various Township and Borough meetings to represent the Center and find ways to work with the communities to better serve the Center financially. So please understand just how deep my commitment runs to each and every one of you.

I will also be at some of our great community events this summer, including the brand-new “by the Moonlite” car show at Pennridge High School on Saturday, July 28 and the Root Beer Float sale at Landis Market on August 10. I will also be at other Center functions, including the Annual Picnic on July 3, the King Tut presentation on July 18, and the Roaring 20s presentation on August 15. Please join me at these great events!


- Ted Heimbach






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