A Message From Your Manager

January / February 2019

Happy New Year to All!


As we come into 2019, I will be planning for the year. We will be continuing with our popular monthly history programs. Participants have found our past programs to be both informational and entertaining.


As we welcome in the New Year, it is once again time to remind all of our members that our memberships coincide with the calendar year and not with the anniversary of when you first signed up. So it’s time for all members to renew their memberships even as we continue as always to attract new members. I know it seems repetitive to ask you to complete a new membership card each year, but you would be surprised by how many people report to us important changes. People move, change telephone numbers, designate a new emergency contact, etc. And I know it seems both redundant and intrusive to ask you to complete the dreaded white paper. But it’s important for you to understand that the (this year’s) salmon-colored membership card stays here in the Center, while the white paper is required by the county Area Agency on Aging. While there is some duplication of information there are several important sections which we do not collect through the membership cards. So please take a few extra minutes to complete both forms- it’s only asked of you once a year!


I also want to urge you to attend our monthly membership meetings. As described in our By-Laws, the Executive Committee exists “to advise the Manager regarding the operation of the Center”. The membership meetings are designed to keep all members informed of problems, plans, programs and decisions made by the Executive Committee and to allow members to raise questions, make suggestions and offer comments to assist the Executive Committee and myself to continue to appropriately manage the growth and development of your Center.


Best wishes for a safe, healthy, happy and productive New Year!


                                      - Debbie

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A Message From Your Assistant Manager

 January/ February 2019

I want to thank everyone who took a tag off the Christmas tree in the Center and bought gifts for those in
need. Our home delivered meals drivers as well as myself delivered the gifts. The simplest things such as a pair of warm gloves, a robe, candy, sweat pants, sheets, a box of Cheerios, personal hygiene items, an umbrella, and so many other items put smiles on their faces. Some of the people we delivered to were so happy they cried. Besides our gifts, they also received Christmas presents from The Christmas Gala out of Bristol,Pa. This group distributes gifts to over 1,500 people throughout Bucks County. Thanks for all your kindness.

Anyone who visited the Center during part of December saw and voted on some beautiful Gingerbread
Houses. This wasn’t a Center contest. I asked family members to make them and they did. I would like to
have a contest next year for our Center for 3 different age groups to make Gingerbread Houses and then
have a visit with Santa. I will let you know more about the contest and family fun day when the time gets

Grand View Hospital will be coming to our Center on Tuesday, January 15, 2019, at 11:30 for our quarterly
Nutrition Program. The topic will be "Eating Well at Any Age". It will be held in the Dining Room.

- Peggy Lewis



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