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3rd Qtr 2017

From Your Manager


Our Center is warm and active, welcoming new members each week. Our membership has grown to over 460! We try to provide something for everyone and are always looking for new ways to meet your needs, interests, and abilities. We offer 20 different programs during the day and three evening programs.   Come in and make new friends. Rediscover the reasons you decided to join us.  

Our Center certainly has a decorative summer appearance. Thank you to Carole and Rod Schultz for the beautiful plantings at our sign, in the shrubbery beds and in the planters. They donated, planted, and continue to provide tender care for the plants. We appreciate both their generosity and efforts to beautify our property. Also thank you to the many other volunteers who contribute to our Center. All of you make a difference!

Our Center has been fortunate to receive a third state grant! We have been funded to replace the floor coverings in the Legacy Room, basement, and lobby as well as provide a stair glide to the basement and new sofas for the lobby. We anticipate these projects to begin in early fall. Through the grant, the basement floor will be cushioned to provide for physical activities.   As the result, it has been necessary to transition the Flea Market to the Center’s non-profit Thrift Shop. The Shop will be opened to the public and PCC members each Tuesday from 9 am until 1 pm.

Let’s Celebrate! The Center will be celebrating its tenth anniversary in early fall after the completion of the renewal efforts made possible by the grant. The Pennridge community will be invited to join our membership in celebrating our success with an Open House. Stay tuned!   Enjoy your summer and visit your Center often!

                                   - Debbie


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From Your Assistant Manager


Our center is pleased to announce that on Wednesday, October 25, 2017, we are having the number one Neil Diamond Impersonator, Real Diamond - Curtis DiDomizio. Tickets are on sale now for $5, which include hoagies for lunch, at the Pennridge Community Center until sold out. This show is going to sell out fast, so don’t wait to buy your ticket. Once all the tickets are sold out, there will not be any more available. When you buy your ticket, hold on to your stub because this is your ticket to enter the event. All tickets must be paid at time of purchase. For more information, check out this Newsletter or call the Center.

On Wednesday, July 12, 2017, we are having our Annual Picnic. This year we hired "Big Guy’s Hot Dogs" food truck. We will be playing the jukebox and games. Come out and see old friends and meet some new ones. More details of this event are listed in the July events on Page 5.

A big thanks goes out to everyone who supported our event featuring Dave DeLuca - Frank Sinatra and Friends impersonator. We couldn’t have done it without you and the following volunteers: Sue Overbaugh, Frances Lange, Ted Heimbach, Dale Roades, Peggy Richards, Ed McManus, Pat Strogis, Pat Andrews, Pat Siwert, and Pat Guth.

In our 4th quarter Newsletter (October / November / December), I am going to run a contest for our Members. This contest will take you on an adventure that will have you laughing and exploring new things. The prize or prizes will be really good too! Please play the game and have fun! You won’t regret it.

Have a Safe and Happy Summer!

Peggy Lewis



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From Your Newsletter Editor


Here is the first issue of our quarterly issue! We hope you like it - it has been reorganized and it is easier to follow through the three months.

As a third month is now included, there will always be items missed, as things change or are added post-printing. Please keep checking the Center lobby for items posted, as well as our website ( ), or call the Center. Also, another great place to keep up to date is by attending the Membership Meetings on the third Wednesday of each month at noon.

                                                                               - Ted Heimbach, Editor




                                                                                     - Ted Heimbach


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