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Mar / Apr 2017

   From Your Manager

Winter seems to be leaving us for an early spring. Enjoy the wonderful weather!

As people and their interests change, the Center must change to meet their needs. Several changes will be occurring at the Center in the next few weeks. Because of a lack of interest, the ceramics room will be transformed into a game room which will better meet our needs.   However, we will retain the ceramic kiln for possible future use. We are looking forward to providing gaming tournaments.


Have you participated in the new programs offered at the Center? Participants seem to be enjoying our newest programs -- Chair Yoga and Coloring. In addition, activities such our Penny Party, our Juke Box Dances, our Holiday Cash Raffle, and our partnership with Pennridge Central Middle School for The Wizard of Oz and the Pennridge High School Choir for our Holiday Banquet are always a great experience, and the students seem to enjoy performing for us. Each month we are hoping to provide three special activities: a Lunch and Learn Program, a luncheon followed by entertainment, and a program with a special topic of local interest. If there is interest, we will offer a Ballroom Dance Class in the near future. We continue to search for new programs and activities. Have any suggestions? I will be happy to investigate any programs you feel would be appropriate.

It is again Lottery Calendar Time! Calendars are on sale in the lobby for a donation of $10 each or 3 for $25. There will be 91 chances to win on the daily noon number. Prizes range from $25 to $100 each day. Consider participating. The profits will be used for needed repairs to our building.

Are you ready to Celebrate? Our Center will celebrate its ten year anniversary with an Open House on July 26. We will be celebrating our journey to create a Center which provides programs and activities for its more than 700 members. The past ten years have been filled with many opportunities for seniors as well as the community at large to socialize and enjoy each other. We are looking forward to the future to be even better!


                                                                                                              - Debbie






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