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May / June 2017

From Your Manager


Yea! The flowers are blooming and the trees are opening up their leaves!


HELLO . .SPRING!  As for the Center, we are opening up, too. We have been very fortunate to have received a grant from the Pa Dept. of Aging. A grant in the amount of approximately $50,000 to spruce up the Center. We are 10 years old! Congratulations. We have been through a lot in the last 10 years. We have had many accomplishments and yet we have had some set backs, too. Through everything, no matter what, our membership     remains solid. That's because we are all dedicated to this Center. Thanks to all of the committed members, whether you come in to volunteer or to enjoy your class or program. If we all work together there is nothing we can't accomplish to make and keep this Center great.   I am always available - my door is never closed, nor is Peggy’s. Please know we work for you.       


                                        - Debbie

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From Your Assistant Manager


In keeping down with the growing cost of the Newsletter, I have given up my Kitchen News page. Instead,     I will submit an article for each newsletter as your Assistant Manager.


As Assistant Manager and Kitchen Manager I want to thank Buster Guth for always coming to the rescue.   At times, we have to get a piece of equipment repaired immediately and Buster is there to make all the     necessary calls and get the problem fixed. I can always count on Buster to get the problem fixed and it will be fixed and done correctly. You’re the best Buster. Thanks.


A big thanks goes out to everyone who supported our Saint Patrick’s Event and Bag Piper Jim Rembisz.        We couldn’t have done it without you and the following volunteers: Carol Tyson, Sue Overbaugh, Frances Lange, Ted Heimbach, Dale Roades, Peggy Richards, Pat Strogis, Ed Mcmanus, Pat Guth, and Buster Guth.


Congratulations go out to Ted Heimbach, Huong Nguyen, and Carol Shultz for successfully completing the standards set forth for the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Examination. This course is     accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)- Conference for Food Protection (CFP).   This is a great accomplishment and I’m proud they studied hard and passed the exam.


Spring is here! Time to get out and enjoy the great weather. While you are out stop by the Center and enjoy a class, have some lunch, sit out on the patio, play a dart game, build a puzzle, meet new friends, and so much more.

- Peggy Lewis


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From Your Newsletter Editor


As you page through this issue, you will notice changes. I realize that change always causes questions as to why they were made. A meeting was held to discuss the look, the content, and the need to make changes to keep the Newsletter fresh.

Based on decisions made with Management regarding the new Newsletter, we weighed each page’s content, and we agreed to make necessary changes. We hope the changes made will make the Newsletter cleaner and more to the point of the information presented.

Continuing with changes, your Executive Board voted on and passed a motion to have quarterly newsletters starting with our July-August-September issue. We will strive to have the most current information in this new format, but things change. As changes happen between issues, we will post information in the Center’s lobby, and also on the website. Two other ways to learn of our Center’s information is to come to our Membership Meetings on the third Wednesday of each month at noon, or to access our website - .

Please read through this Newsletter and let me, Debbie, or Peggy know your comments. Thank you.


                                                                                     - Ted Heimbach


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